Thursday, March 22, 2012

new blog, new chapter

For any that are still checking in here...
As Eli has gotten older and into school, we have felt more uncomfortable posting a lot of personal information...
However, we have started a new blog... about our new adoption for Eli's sibling, as well as a few stories about our lives in the Swingle household...

We received our referral last week and head out to meet her in 2 weeks...

Follow us on our new blog for more information, and hopefully more pictures soon...(in the adoption world, this is understood to mean that the child is home permanently with the family- as pictures of the child can not be published in a public format until the child is legally in the parents custody)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Is that you, God?

The other night, Eli was tucked in bed, and up, and tucked in and up a few more times.  Then he quieted for a few minutes.  Next thing I heard was his little voice calling, "What Mommy??"  He repeated that twice and then ran to his door, opened it and called downstairs, "Mommy, I heard you call my name.  What do you want?"

I said, "Honey, I didn't call you.  Please go back to sleep."
"But Mommy," he whined, " I heard you call my name.  What do you want?"
So, I explained that I hadn't called his name and he needed to get some sleep.
"I heard someone call my name.  Is Daddy home?"
"Then who called my name, Mommy?"
"Well, do you think maybe it was God?  Remember the story we learned about with Samuel?  He heard his name being called and ran to Elisha and finally discovered it was God."
"How do I know?"
"Ask Him."
"What if he says it isn't God?"
"Then tell him to go away cause you only talk to God!!"
"But what if it is God and He is just kidding?"
"Go to Bed!!"

A few minutes later I hear him moving about in his room and go to check it out.  He has on his little flashlight, his Brave Light he got in Kidstuff last month when we learned about being brave, and he is looking all over his room. After a brief discussion, he tells me he is looking all around to see if maybe it is a monster in the closet. 
"Eli, are monsters real?" I ask.
"No. They aren't Mommy."
So, we prayed a little and rocked a little, and I told him the same thing again about it possibly being God, or maybe he fell asleep and began dreaming.  He finally relaxed and I tucked him in again. 
As I was walking out of the room and slowly closing the door, I hear his little voice in the room saying, "God....Is that you?"

Monday, March 14, 2011

Gotcha Day number 3

I think back on all the emotions we experienced 3 years ago.  Tonight was our first night as parents to our amazing son.  I remember the two of us standing over the crib, watching him sleep, so completely overwhelmed with wonder at this amazing thing God had done in our lives. Thank you, Father, for trusting to our care this precious child of yours.  May we always seek after Your heart and raise him as you would have us.

It is so amazing to me as I think back on that day what God created.  We became a family legally that day.  God had planned it out long before, brought us together and formed  a new thing.  Eli WAS adopted, and now IS our son.  He is NOT our adopted son.  I am so thankful to our friends and family that get that distinction.

As our post placement reports have come around each year, it focused us back on our time of adoption.  At first that was so difficult, like a strange dichotomy of thoughts flashing through my mind- our two pictures superimposed over each other- how it was- how it is.  We now cannot imagine a time without Eli in our lives.  What a complete unit God created.

I think Eli sums it up best.  He says that's when the judge married us.  How wonderfully true, my son!! For better or worse, for richer or poor, in sickness and in health, we all became one.  And just as I would never refer to Daddy as my married husband, so you are my son- OUR son.  We love you more with each passing day!!  Happy Gotcha Day!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

"Da" Day!!

Today is the 3 year anniversary of the day the judge said yes.  My how time flies!! Seems like just yesterday!

So hard to believe that was all real, though.  It seems so like a very vivid dream.

Last post placement report ever for Eli was received by our agency.  Yeah!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trip to WVa

Here is Eli- chilling out in back seat, playing on Daddy's phone as we took off for the lower tip of WV.
What beautiful country!! We stopped at a few rest/view areas just to take in some of the scenery.

Eli and Daddy taking a wee break

Eli and Mommy setting up picnic lunch

great picnic area!!

The dog came along and "adopted" us while we were there... Acted like it belonged with our family..

This bridge is amazing!!

The overlook was incredible!! We didn't take advantage of the long hike down several hundred steps that day! Just looked out across the way.  Impressive!

Mommy's birthday Weekend

We stopped at Whitehall after playing on the machines at COSI- had a great dinner with all the guys on the 2 unit crew. I had enough time to finish a sign for Tim for the NTFD Longaberger baskets they would be selling that weekend.

Then we headed out for PA to visit with my family.  AJ had a great cowboy costume that didn't fit anymore, so he gave it to Eli- who loved it!! Here he is posing...

My little cowboy!

Get along little doggies!!
Daddy and Grandpa had been gone all day at a Cowboy Action shoot, and when Daddy got home, we met him in the garage...
And went out to get some pics of some of my favorite cowboys!
3 generations of cowboys...

My handsome family!!
After that we headed down to the southern tip of WV to get some wood siding for our barn so we could finish it off.

COSI Big Machine Day

Big day at COSI- Big Machines-

Look Mommy!! I'm running it all by myself!!

What fun we had for Mommy's bday!!! We went to COSI- you can see the fun we had there!!- then Fire Dept to see Daddy and have dinner with him.  What a great day!